Our Story...

Who wants to be home for their roof install? All that noise and distraction could not be pleasant. We certainly didn't want to be home, but the Home Depot representative said that some our issues could have been prevented if we had been.

I was under the impression that I was paying MORE MONEY to trust in Home Depot's corporate knowledge, their contractor selection, their desire to show excellence and hopefully get me to recommend people I know to them for roofing... Apparently I was just paying them more money to pay them more money....

My experience started out great. The contract was signed and a date for install was set. Our rep came out and suggested we fix a section of the porch, which would prevent future leaking on our steps and would allow installation of gutter to save our plants. Sounded perfect!

My first indication that this might not be all it's advertised, arose when we waited around until Wednesday afternoon on the install date before we got a call from the HD Field Inspector that went something like this:

HDFI: Did you have an install date for your roof?
Me: Yeah - it's today...
HDFI: Well there's a slight wrinkle in that plan. The crew can't make it out today.
Me: Well - we're leaving for vacation on Friday, if it's a two day job what do you think we need to do?
HDFI: Well - they don't need access to the house, so we can come out on Friday and if we can't finish it that day then we'll finish up on Saturday.
Me: Sounds like a plan - let's do that.

Friday we left on our vacation and trusted that we would get a call if any issues arose.
Saturday our neighbor called to ask if the roofers were coming back - the underlayment was down but nothing else.
Sunday our neighbor called again to ask what the deal was. 
Late Monday night we returned home and couldn't wait until the morning to see what our new roof looked like.

In the morning we went out to inspect. And my disappointment set in. 

Even though we had dumpster access in the back of the house and had agreed w/ HD that they would take all the debris that way, it appears that the roofers just tossed the shingle down in our front yard. The grass is fine, but we have a large flower bed in between the lawn and house and some of our landscape was damaged in the process.

Looking at the roof I noticed A LOT of bent shingles and tabs on the Ridge Line; this surely can't be standard practice - I'm not a roofer, but understand that water (being lazy) will follow the easiest path down and if shingles are misaligned or bent, then they aren't doing their job right.

The flashing on our cinder block chimney looked terrible. Terrible. TERRIBLE!

And the fix to the porch? I would assume (that word again) that between the HD folks and their roofing contractors someone would understand right angles - the new piece of roof was cut an inch or two long and subsequently looked like it was sitting crooked on our house.

So I contacted our HD Job Rep and the Field Inspector to ask what hell happened. 

Bottom line: They knocked off the price of the plywood replacement (to cover the plants), are going to contract out the porch fix and are going to have someone come out to look at the flashing and bent shingles.

So why am I not happy?
I probably could have saved myself a few THOUSAND dollars by going with a local off-season installer. But I wanted to go with the big guys. I wanted someone to be on site who would say - that's not up to par. I expected that with Home Depot. Instead - What did I get? The experience I was looking to avoid - and a larger bill than I should have. 

My advice to you - go with the local guy. They have more to lose when you smear their name with the locals and (if there is a problem) have more incentive to make you happy.

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